Smiles by Hart Pittsburgh


Personal Information:

I was born in New Jersey but moved to Pittsburgh when I was six. I went to grade school in Wexford and attended Pittsburgh Central Catholic and then the University of Pittsburgh for my undergrad. I hope to go to dental school to become a dentist!
What I like most about dentistry: I love how you can provide instant relief with good dental care. I also love how complex dentistry really becomes an art of its own.
My happy place or favorite getaway: Myrtle Beach, SC
Favorite Hobby/Pastime: I love playing basketball, I played in high school and I wish I could play here now.
What do you love most about Pittsburgh: Pittsburgh is the perfect blend of big and small city. The restaurants are amazing, the sports teams are always good, and the people are always nice.
Favorite sports team: Steelers!
Favorite restaurant: There are so many choices for this, but Texas de Brazil is my favorite.
Favorite movie: I am not a big movie fan, but I used to love a Good Burger as a kid.
Favorite music: I’m a big electronic music guy.
Favorite app or social media site: As edgy as it may sound, I find myself on Reddit a lot.
My bucket list: I’d love to skydive one day. I feel like I’ll never be afraid of anything after that.
Favorite quote: “Don’t count the days, make the days count” – Muhammad Ali
A fun fact: Ben Roethlisberger taught me how to throw a football for a week during a football camp.
Favorite dental joke: What does the dentist of the year get? a little plaque