Smiles by Hart Pittsburgh


Position: Dental Assistant

Personal Information:

I was born and raised in New Castle, PA
Education: I graduated from Shenango High School. I went to Indiana University of PA.
What I like most about dentistry: Being able to change someone’s life be that in a big or small way
Favorite Hobby/ Pastime: Probably working out or listening to music, eating!
My favorite place or favorite getaway: For me, my happy place is anywhere surrounded by nature, as well as the gym.
Favorite sports team: The Dallas Cowboys!
Favorite Restaurant: (this is so tough I love food) possibly First Watch because brunch is life.
Favorite movie: Any movie with Tom Hanks is my favorite.
Favorite music: I enjoy a wide variety of genres but I love R&B/ rap.
Favorite app or social media site: YouTube.
What do you love most about Pittsburgh: The art and culture.
Bucket List: To travel out of the country.
Favorite Quote: “No one can do everything, but everyone can do something.” Meena Harris
Fun Fact: I can tuck my ears into themselves.
Favorite dental joke: Why did the phone go to the dentist? …. Because it had bluetooth!