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Mercury-free tooth colored fillings

Natural looking restoration

When a tooth has a cavity or you need to replace a worn filling, a natural-looking white restoration can be a beautiful choice.


White fillings have several advantages over silver fillings.

  • They are bonded to your tooth, making it stronger than if we used a silver filling.
  • We do not have to remove as much tooth structure as with a silver filling.
  • The bonding agent can insulate your tooth from extremes of hot and cold.
  • Some white restorations can be done in just one visit.

After we remove the decay, we build layers of the resin directly onto your tooth. We use a special light to bond the resin to the tooth for strength.

White fillings can be a great choice to give you healthy teeth and a beautiful, natural-looking smile.

Disadvantages of an amalgam filling

  • For almost 150 years dentists have used amalgam, or silver fillings, to repair teeth. However, there are some distinct disadvantages to silver fillings.
  • An amalgam is a combination of elements that can include silver, tin and copper mixed with mercury.
  • The metal is not very stable. Over time, moisture and temperature changes make the metal expand and contract. When the filling pushes against your tooth, it can cause fractures or chips.
  • This expansion can lift the filling, creating a gap that allows bacteria to seep under the filling.
  • The metal can contract, opening a gap that also allows bacteria into the tooth.
  • This expansion and contraction stresses your tooth and could cause it to break.